by GeekLeet

Beta testers for the latest edition of the PlayStation 4 firmware (v4.5) have uncovered a new setting within the System menu that aims to improve performance on the PlayStation 4 Pro with games that have not been patched to support the new hardware released last November. This new setting, labeled ‘Boost Mode’, aims to improve frame rates and general performance of titles that aren’t capped at 30 or 60fps. If a title has an unlocked frame rate, it could potentially increase the performance of the title by at least 14% (according to tests by Digital Foundry). We can basically expect Boost Mode to act as a stabilizer for a lot of games, which is a great thing. Keep in mind that while the Boost Mode may only improve certain games by about 14%, Digital Foundry does point out that the improvement is nowhere near the performance increase gained by titles that are officially patched by the developers. So when software update 4.5 releases, don’t expect any major miracles. We can always hold out hope that Sony can further optimize the new Boost Mode and squeeze even more power into older titles.

Is this a feature you’ve been waiting for since the PlayStation 4 Pro was announced? Does it deliver or do you find yourself completely underwhelmed?