by GeekLeet

New Xbox One controllers. Beautiful!

Today Microsoft announced 3 new controller designs for the Xbox One and they are beautiful. There will be a new Green/Gray, Volcano Shadow and Patrol Tech (definitely our favorite!). These new designs will start shipping August 3rd and September 5th, depending on the configuration you choose. These controllers will also be priced at $64.99 – $69.99, depending on configuration.

From Xbox:

“The Xbox Wireless Controller – Green/Grey features a sleek, two-tone grey design with eye-catching green accents at the base of the thumbsticks.”

“The Xbox Wireless Controller – Volcano Shadow Special Edition is the newest of the Shadow series we introduced last year. This controller features a matte black top case and sides that fade to a fiery red metallic finish. The buttons, triggers and D-pad have a glossy black finish with red highlights on the ABXY and menu buttons.”

“The Xbox Wireless Controller – Patrol Tech Special Edition is the second controller in our Tech series and is inspired by military technology and performance patterns found in airborne navy patrol units.  Premium finishes like a laser etched texture, silver accents and insignia are on the front of the controller. The back of the controller features our fan-favorite rubberized diamond grip for added control and comfort.”

Here they are:

So what do you think? We are definitely a fan of the Patrol Tech Special Edition. It’s got a sleek design and great complimentary color scheme.