by GeekLeet

True love Taco Bell.

Romance, love, vows…Gorditas? It turns out that getting married in Las Vegas at a Taco Bell is a real thing. For a small fee of $600 Taco Bell will tie the wedding knot between you and your loved one. Surely, there is nothing more romantic on a wedding night than a chorus of intestinal howls from him and her. Not convinced? Taco Bell has setup a #LoveAndTacosContest campaign on Twitter. Go now, and observe the belly warming stories of romance and chatter shared over bubbly shoots of Baja Blast. Your Lady and the Tramp moment amongst a hot stack of Cheese-Stuffed Chalupas awaits. Just make sure you DO keep this in Vegas, ok?

Nothing says true love like eating a taco and getting stuffed by a burrito on a wedding night. Agree?